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Crysta and Zak Young from Ferngully

Model/Costume/Wig Styling/Makeup: Ryoko-demon of R&R Art Group 

Photographer: Kifir 

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Artist on Tumblr

James Fenner | on Tumblr (USA)

James Fenner is a freelance illustrator who has studied Media Art and Animation at The Art Institute Of Portland, in Oregon. His illustration is a harmonious mix of graphite and digital techniques, distinguished by its dreamlike approach and whimsical sets. Fenner is an aspiring editorial illustrator, most of his pieces tell their own tale, and the characters he depicts are more protagonists of a larger story than simple subjects. (cf. Fresh&Bold)

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more James Fenner | artist found at septagonstudios]

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Bizarre pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio photographed by David LaChapelle in 1995. More here…

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Christian Dior

Haute Couture fall 2014

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